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Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
display your art in novel ways

How To Display Your Art In Novel Ways

You have probably seen multiple instances where a piece of art is meticulously hung at eye level, at the most prominent location. If you are into art and really care about enhancing its display as a piece of decor, questions like “Should a painting at office only be placed behind the Chairman’s chair?”. The reason behind these conventional art placements is the huge gap between art, living spaces and daily life.

Well, we are here to say that art is for everyone and for every place. With complementary decor and aesthetic placement, art installed in unconventional locations looks just as appealing.

Modern abstract art, landscape art and other art forms are setting new norms in the art world. Conventional and stereotypical decor ideas aren’t enough to set free their visual appeal. New and innovative ideas are needed to merge the artwork with your personality and decor. Gone are the days when it was okay to treat artworks as bland pieces of decor. Here are 10 creative ways to display your novel art and lend new life to your space.


shelf spaces

Recently, shelves have started becoming the place of choice for showcasing art. It has removed the previous restrictions of hanging artwork on walls. Don’t think that the bedroom and living room are the only options. Get versatile by incorporating artwork on your kitchen shelves, bookshelves or even bathroom shelves. To mix the art with other decors, make space on the mantelpiece. Small art pieces are ideal as they perfectly mingle with other items on the shelf.

Adorn the Empty Corners

Hanging artworks on the empty corners of your hall or living space is a nice way to refine the aesthetic of your home. Rearrange the art combinations until you are fully satisfied. Then sit tight and be mesmerised by the picture-perfect view. 

On a Bookshelf

on a bookshelf art

This modern classic look is prominent in libraries and living rooms. Mount your framed artwork on the bookshelf for a tasteful aesthetic. Or display your framed photo or canvas print in front of the shelf. You can take things a step further by printing artwork and lining the case behind your favourite reads with it.

 Go Vertical

Installing artwork in a smaller space brings its own visual appeal. This idea works best for the forgotten spaces where you can hang light-hearted pieces to add life to the interior. Keep the pieces together to give random ideas the flight of creativity.


unframed art

Even before taking your unframed pieces to the framers, you can add new life to your walls in fun and creative ways. This approach would sit in brilliant contrast against your framed art pieces. The use of binder clips and picture nails to hang paper art and prints breathes new appeal into the room. For more versatility, consider installing a picture cable for your novel art pieces. 

 Throw a Light

Go with the “less is more” approach for displaying a large piece of artwork. Hanging it under a low-watt picture light creates a high-end appeal that will complement your room’s refined aesthetic.

Mix of Art and Objects

mix of art and objects

Depending on the setting of a space,  a mix of artworks with  different materials like acrylic, wood, canvas or metal can be created Place antique pieces beside these works to create a gallery-like feel at home. You can install this whole set-up at your coffee table too. 

Use a Low Hanging Space

Contrary to the thumbrule that art should be displayed at eye level, a room filled with artwork from floor to ceiling creates an enhanced living experience, again showing that breaking the rules once in a while pays off in decor.

 Grid View

grid view art

Maintain a central theme and hang individual pieces of art in a tight grid. The collective visual will enhance the appeal of any large space. Here, the synchrony of the artworks creates a beautiful experience. The best places for such decor are above a sofa, bed frame or in an entryway.

Symmetrical Line-Up

Lining up your decor in a symmetrical frame is a novel way to enhance the visual appeal of your artworks. A great example of symmetry would be a spread of three artworks over a table, closed on each side by chairs.
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