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Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art

Shipping and Refunds Policy

Which countries / places do we ship

Following are the countries:

All across India Srilanka United States
Hong Kong Canada France
Great Britain Singapore Japan
South Korea Ireland Taiwan
Italy Germany Spain
Austria Turkey Denmark
Norway Netherlands Sweden
Belgium Switzerland Dubai
Abu Dhabi Australia New Zealand

If your country isn’t in the above list and you want to buy an artwork from You.Art and to be shipped, pls mail us on
Shipping times & costs

In India:
To provide the best possible experience for you, we require 14 business days to deliver from your order confirmation & payment. Shipping in India is complimentary. All artworks are insured for the transit.

Outside India:
The cost of shipping an artwork and delivery time will depend on the distance it is being shipped, the specifics of the artwork itself and the level of shipping service offered. Shipping will be charged at actuals. For further queries you can email ust at

Tracking your order

You will receive a tracking number as soon as it’s available. The tracking number will also be available on the Orders page of your Account. By default, the recipient's signature is always requested on shipments for You.Art orders.

Taxes and duties

For orders shipping within India, taxes are included in the check out amount. Shipping is complimentary.

For orders shipping internationally, taxes and duties are charged as per actuals and a separate invoice will be forwarded.


Return Policy

You.Art assures that all the artworks are checked thoroughly and closely match with the images on our website. We ensure our clients are 100% sure of their choices before making a purchase, by giving them detailed information and a perspective of the artwork along with an experience in our Virtual Gallery. Which is why we do not accept returns.

The artwork is packaged and shipped professionally with abundant safety. However, in the highly unlikely event that an item is delivered to you in damaged condition, it should be reported to us within 48 hours of reaching you.

You.Art accepts returns only if the artwork is received in damaged condition. The damaged artwork should be reported by email to, with relevant photographs and details of the artwork, within 48 hours of receipt of the artwork.