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Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
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Abstract Art: A “Must” For The New-Age Art Lover’s Home

Multiple debates surround abstract art in the contemporary scene. “Is it still relevant?” “How abstract art evolved?” and so on. While a clear contemplation of abstract art has been evading our definitions, they still remain true to their indefinite forms that timelessly encompass passions and emotions.

Abstract art has been with us for more than a century now. Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky and Swedish painter Hilma af Klint are the foremost contenders for bringing to life the first abstract art form on canvas. But that’s a discussion for another day.

If you have thought strongly of purchasing abstract art for your home, then let us start by answering the most perplexing question.

What is abstract art?

Abstract art evades a clear definition as it is all about giving free rein to the imagination: both for the artist and the connoisseur. Abstraction literally means the distancing of an idea from real-world referents. You may notice some natural objects, but they come in an abstract form that emerges from a rich mix of colours and impasto. Therefore, visuals that are artistically pulled away from everyday representational points are known as abstract art. Sometimes, also called nonrepresentational art.

Significance of abstract art in contemporary art

Abstract art may be thematically undefined but is extremely malleable in terms of emotions and aesthetics. Contemporary abstract forms are open to interpretations, thus appealing to the connoisseurs’ evergreen imaginations.

New-age collectors love abstract art as it allows them to immerse in emotionally and aesthetically rich experiences that they otherwise wouldn’t find in the real world.

Abstraction transcends the rigid boundaries of the real world, allowing the viewer to escape into something remarkably comfortable and vivid.

You.Art, a first-of-its-kind e-commerce art platform, brings you 100 fresh artworks every 100 days. Here’s a fresh curation of abstract art for the new-age collector. Whether it is for your home or something for your office space, the perfect artwork is waiting for you in our collection. Our exclusive curation is composed of the country’s leading emerging artists to cater to your refined taste for aesthetics. Once you have found your desired abstract form, here are the different ways to bring your wall to life.

Your home, your rules

This isn’t an artwork gallery that we are talking about; it is your home. It’s okay, even if the abstract artwork doesn’t submerge with the other elements of decor completely. Let it stand out. It will be the statement piece that redefines your home’s aesthetic boldly and appealingly.

Match the room’s colour tones

The subtle way to purchase abstract art for your home is by purchasing one that complements in with the room’s colour palette. In this manner, neither the art will steal any attention from the room nor the room from the art. The room’s aesthetic will enjoy perfect harmony. If your place is painted in multiple colour tones, then go for artwork that matches some of the hues of the room to tie the whole aesthetic.

Go with neutrals

Not all abstract art should have an abundance of colours. If you want to ease your way with the aesthetic, a minimalistic approach that presents a neutral canvas is ideal. It wouldn’t disrupt the existing coordination between the other decor elements of your home. The whole layout would ooze a sophisticated appeal that soothes the senses.

Tailored for space

You don’t always have to fill up the space above the couch with the artwork. Abstract art is far from conventional art movements and should be treated as one. Get creative with the placement, and hang the artwork in your kitchen, bathroom, or entry hallway for a fresh approach. Remember, the artwork shouldn’t take up any more space than is appealing. If the space you choose is small, opt for a small artwork that isn’t too extravagant for the room.

Surround the art with complementary pieces

Going for a bold aesthetic? Then why not incorporate a whole gallery-like theme on your wall. Surround abstract art with other mediums like photography, minimal sketches, or classic portraits. Your wall will then serve as a testament to your ecclesiastical taste in art and decor.

Multiple abstract wall art

Bigger wall space can feature multiple installations of artwork. Now, a bigger canvas to display your artwork doesn’t necessarily mean that you can make the room’s decor better. You have to create a complete display of artwork that enjoys aesthetically-pleasing coordination. If the artworks have a diverse colour palette, then make sure that they have an elegant synergy.
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