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  • painting
    September 23, 2022

    A Guide To Understanding The Different Mediums Used In Painting

    “Painting is Just Another Way of Keeping a Diary”                                                                                               -  Pablo Picasso Every person is unique in their own way and so do their way of conveying emotions, thoughts, stories, feelings and expressions. Some express what’s on their mind with...

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  • Quit India Movement
    August 9, 2022

    Is Indian Art Political?

    The thrumming power art holds over its viewers has never been a clandestine affair. Art has always meant to violently shake its audience; a splash of frigid reality breaking the illusion of order crafted since birth. The avant-garde movement took...

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  • display your art in novel ways
    June 29, 2022

    How To Display Your Art In Novel Ways

    You have probably seen multiple instances where a piece of art is meticulously hung at eye level, at the most prominent location. If you are into art and really care about enhancing its display as a piece of decor, questions...

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  • To the point…where the lines meet
    April 15, 2022

    To the point…where the lines meet

    Author: Bindu Kasinadhuni | A Homage to Nasreen Mohammadi on World Art Day Untitled ca.1975 Ink and graphite on paper. 9 1/2 × 9 1/2 in 24.1 × 24.1 cm. Image courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of arts To draw a straight line...

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  • Art Education In India
    April 12, 2022

    Art Education In India

    Author: Javed Mulani Art is everywhere in our life, so how do we interact with so much art in day to day life and with what awareness and responsibility? Do we ever spare a moment and sensitize ourselves to create a...

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