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Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
What's The Difference Between An Original Painting And A Print?

What's The Difference Between An Original Painting And A Print?

The art world is truly mesmerising, with its intriguing concepts and terminologies that spark curiosity among enthusiasts and collectors alike. The terms "original painting" and "print" are no exception to this, as they often generate a buzz that leaves many wondering about their true meanings and differences. It's crucial to understand these distinctions more deeply, whether you're a passionate art lover or a casual collector.

Here at YOU.ART, we believe that every piece of art has its own unique story to tell. Our collection features original paintings, each with distinct characteristics. 

We invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery and exploration as we delve into the key differences between these two art forms. With every stroke of the brush or ink on paper, you'll uncover the beauty and essence of each piece and discover your unique connection to the world of art.



Spreading the joy of art to every corner of the world, empowering individuals to embrace their creative spirit and connect with the beauty that surrounds us all.


We are dedicated to creating extraordinary artwork, shining a light on the unique craft of original paintings.


Our web-based exhibition platform offers a diverse collection of artwork and professional guidance to assist you in selecting pieces that suit your preferences. Additionally, our secure and reliable shipping services enable us to deliver your artwork anywhere in the world.

Here is a glimpse of our collection

What is an Original Painting?


An original painting is a breathtaking, unparalleled creation. Every brush stroke is infused with the artist's passion, resulting in a singular work that cannot be replicated or duplicated. It is a symbol of the artist's vision and an inspiration to all who behold its beauty. 

Let this masterpiece remind you to embrace your unique talents and passions and create something extraordinary that only you can bring to life.


Original paintings often carry a higher value, both emotionally and financially. They are considered investments that can be appreciated over time.


The texture in an original painting adds a tactile dimension that is absent in prints. You can feel each layer of paint, each brushstroke, and even the imperfections.


When you own an original painting from YOU.ART, you possess a unique piece of art history and a direct connection to the artist's intent and emotion.

Here is a glimpse of our collection

What is a Print?


A print is a copy of an original artwork. Through the skilled use of various printing techniques such as lithography, giclée, or screen printing, these masterpieces are brought to life and made accessible to a wider audience. 

Each print carries the essence and creativity of the original artist and has the power to evoke emotions, spark imagination, and ignite passion. 

So, let us cherish and celebrate these magnificent works of art, for they are a testament to the limitless beauty and creativity that resides within us all.


Prints are generally more affordable, making art accessible to a wider audience. While some limited edition prints can gain value, they usually don't appreciate to the same extent as originals.


Prints lack the unique textures that come with an original painting. They are often flat and do not have the tactile qualities of hand-applied brushstrokes.


Owning a print from means you have one of many reproductions. While it can still be a beautiful piece of art, it doesn't offer the same exclusivity as an original painting.


Art is a wondrous expression of creativity that can transform any space into a breathtaking masterpiece. Whether you choose an original painting or a print, each option has unique advantages and disadvantages. The original painting offers a one-of-a-kind tactile experience that is often regarded as a valuable investment. On the other hand, prints offer accessibility and affordability, making it easier for anyone to adorn their space with art.

At YOU.ART, we understand that art is a personal journey, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. 

Our extensive collection offers an array of options catering to every taste and budget, ensuring you find the perfect original art piece to elevate your space. Let us inspire you to create a space that is not only visually stunning but also reflects your individuality and style. With YOU.ART, the possibilities are endless.


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