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Pixealting Aqua - PA1

Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

36" W x 36" H - Available with frame (size 26” x 19”) (Inches)

The artist has created a story through a visual representation of the characters as they interact with the architecture. A combination of transparent and opaque visuals with a play of light creating interesting compositions will focus your attention on the individual components of a much larger story in the life of a city. The harmony of colors creates an interesting composition that creates a flow in the overall story. You can view each painting individually and lose yourself in the intricate details or enjoy the collection as a whole.

    Original price ₹ 62,000.00 - Original price ₹ 62,000.00
    Original price
    ₹ 62,000.00
    ₹ 62,000.00 - ₹ 62,000.00
    Current price ₹ 62,000.00

    Authenticity guaranteed
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