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Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art

Himalayas 2

Landscape, Acrylic on Canvas board

One does not remain the same after a visit to any part of the Himalayan ranges. The sheer magnitude of what I saw there changed the way I look at things. I felt absolutely dwarfed with an overwhelming sense of submission. There was this great sense of excitement, as my colour pallette had to undergo a complete alteration, in essence, to capture the abstract forms, the many tints and shades of mountains and valleys, with vandyke browns, burnt umber, and nuanced greys to flake and transparent whites coming into play. It was as if the thoughts of being one with the universe, and the humans being a mere pop-up speck in the whole scheme of things, were manifesting themselves and inspiring me to paint my canvases, with a spontaneity I had till now not been able to ever express with. My works in this expedition all put together are a testimony of my awestruck enchantment towards the panoramic beauty of Ladakh and Kashmir. It has indeed been a life enriching experience of a magnificently huge impact; one that I shall savour forever.

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