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Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art

Nikkhil Naik


An Indian Architect and Designer based in Mumbai. After graduation he worked with the group Urban Collaborative office on restoring and documenting various heritage projects across the city. He founded his own firm NN Architects in 2007. His inclination to Art and Sketching starts way back since college, where he sketched , documented and outlined guidelines for the important heritage structures and precincts located in South Mumbai and while working with the group included prominent structures like VT station (presently CST), DB house, Sasoon Dock, Opera House Precinct. The Development guidelines for the Opera House Precinct, which is one of the first urban architectural controls to be adopted for heritage areas in India under Ar. Sandhya Savant was the most important milestone achieved in early days. Since then he has been visiting and documenting and creating art of various Architectural and Heritage structures across the country which were unseen or unheard of during his visits to his other site visits. This also inspired him to take up documenting his new Book ‘India, An Architects Sketchbook on Heritage Structures’ which was immensely inspired by the ‘storytelling’, local materials’, ‘method of construction and techniques’, ‘urban context’ theories which had also evolved and inspired our fellow Architects and Designers time and again to develop the fabric and structure of our country. The Book was later printed by ‘Dashrath Patel Museum’ by Ar. Pinakin Patel, so as to reach out to various colleges, architects and students to understand our Indian Tradition, Style and Way of Living which existed over the years but lost in time.

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