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MIthu Biswas


Mithu Biswas is a devoted modern and contemporary art enthusiast, dedicating the past seven years to in-depth research on this subject. Among the young impressionists of today, Mithu stands out as one of the most intriguing figures. Her love for paintings has grown since childhood. As an esteemed Indian artist in Mumbai, she has firmly established her presence in the art field.

Education & Career

Born in Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, India, in 1979, she embarked on her artistic journey. In 2004, Mithu completed her graduation in Fine Art from the prestigious Government College of Art & Craft in Kolkata. Subsequently, in 2009, she moved to Maharashtra and established a permanent studio in Mumbai. Mithu’s art has developed since moving to Mumbai, creating unique textures and aesthetics while keeping her modern art style. The utilization of acrylic paint grants her artwork a compelling and unrefined aesthetic. Inspired by her surroundings and the dynamic consumer culture, Mithu uses vibrant colors in her creations.

Recognition & Awards

Mithu exhibited her organizational skills early on as a student, curating a group exhibition that premiered in Kolkata, India in 1998. The exhibition toured various cities in the country, showcasing her talent. Her exceptional abilities have earned admiration in many Middle Eastern nations. In 2014, she had a successful year performing with numerous local and international groups sponsored by notable organizations. As Mithu’s artistic voice gains more prominence, curators and private collectors are increasingly procuring her artwork, recognizing her unique and significant contribution to the world of contemporary art.

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