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Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
Free Shipping: Elevate Your Space with Art
Floral paintings & their significance

Floral paintings & their significance

Flowers symbolize life and good energy in Feng Shui. A painting of flowers can add color and happiness to your life. Throughout the history of art, certain subjects have resonated particularly strongly with artists and audiences alike. Flowers have been at the forefront as being art’s most popular muses. Flowers are universal ideograms of beauty. They signify comfort, love and affection.

Artists have used Flower symbolism to represent certain moods, thoughts and a range of emotions and feelings: from love, passion and desire to purity, innocence or even death. Flowers have a universal language that communicate a deeper message through color and form. For instance, when it comes to roses, they typically denote love and desire. But a red one can mean deep passion and true love, while a white one means purity and young love, and a yellow one can mean friendship. 

It is also worth mentioning the cultural context in which the flowers are used in art. Flowers depicted in different countries have mythological, religious and even medical significance:

  • Greek Art: The ivy plant was sacred to Dionysus, God of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, fertility and theatre in ancient Greek religion and myth.
  • Asian Art: In Asian art, the lotus, which has petals that open when the sun comes up and closes at sunset, symbolizes birth and rebirth.
  • Indian Art: The jasmine flower in Hindu art represents love and fertility.
  • Egyptian Art: The lotus flower has been called the sacred flower of ancient Egypt. They were a symbol for the blossoming of life, sun and creation.
  • Latin American Art: Frida Kahlo often wore and used flowers in her paintings as a celebration of her national heritage, their symbolism of fertility and fecundity.
  • North American Art: The erotic stylisations of Georgia O'Keeffe give feminine and rhythmic attributes to flowers.

One of the main aspects that consumers want in terms of interior design is not only an aesthetically friendly place to live in but a place to enjoy. To bring the positive hues of nature in your life, nothing can beat the contribution of a floral painting. A quaint way around them adds harmony and joy to every room.

According to Vastushastra, it is believed that Paintings showcasing flowers like Orchids, Lilies, Roses, Peonies bring in good luck, as they bring in positive vibes and attract life. 

In Indian context, Lotuses symbolise Goddess Lakshmi and hence wealth.

Atharva Veda compares the human heart to lotus, it is not the physical heart but the spiritual heart that the lotus represents.  Its unfolding petals suggest the development of the Soul

It’s a popular belief that it is prosperous to have Floral paintings in the South-West and/or North-East areas of the house. Also, it is a great idea to hang one of these floral paintings in your dining area.

Hang a medium-size fine art floral painting in pastel & light tones for soothing ambience in a room. Vivid florals in large formats can inspire, stimulate and encourage good spirits. 

To add some drama to a neutral environment, Floral paintings can be of great help.

Choose a painting with flowers whose shades and hues match your exteriors and compliment your interiors. This is a great way to get the outdoors indoors.

Check out our spread of florals paintings in water colours & acrylics to own one of them to make your interiors inspiring !! 

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